Budgen Motor Group launches new bespoke leasing service for its customers

Shropshire’s Budgen Motor Group is accelerating ahead by offering its customers a new leasing service with the personal touch.

The family-owned business, which has car dealerships in Shrewsbury and Telford, has added Budgen Leasing to the array of services it now offers.

Led by Jacquie Richardson, an experienced fleet management expert, Budgen Leasing will provide customers with a bespoke service to guarantee the best deal ahead of supplying vehicles.

A flexible out-of-hours service for the maintenance of lease vehicles is also available.

Danny Minshall, Budgen Motor Group’s Sales Director, said: “We are really excited to venture into leasing and we will be offering a bespoke service for local companies and residents across Shropshire.

“We have launched a new website at www.budgenleasing.co.uk and are delighted to have appointed Jacquie, who has 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, as Fleet Manager.

“Jacquie is accustomed to selling large fleets of vehicles, whether that’s 20 cars to a taxi company, or a fleet of commercial vans to a local business.

“As well as offering fleet management, Jacquie is available to work with smaller independent businesses, perhaps by providing an electric van to a company that will save them money.”

Danny added Budgen are well equipped as a company to offer customers the best possible leasing experience.

Great flexibility

“We can offer great flexibility when it comes to repairing or servicing vehicles,” he said. “We have built a commercial van centre at Renault Telford, which is open until 10pm, so it offers businesses great options.

“We can take vehicles out-of-hours in the evening meaning they will be available when businesses really need them to be on the road.

“When our customers need vehicles to be serviced or repaired, they can contact Jacquie and know that any issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently, with vehicles collected and returned.”

He added: “We are able to provide national fleet offers which are extremely competitive. We provide great brands – Citroen, Peugeot, Dacia, MG and Renault – and in Citroen, Peugeot and Renault, we offer 33 per cent of the national market share for vans.”

Jacquie, who is Institute of the Motor Industry accredited for vehicle finance, is excited about her new role with the Budgen Motor Group.

She said: “Our vision is to be a one-stop solution for local businesses. We want to have that one-to-one contact, so we are people’s first thought when it comes to cars and vans.

“In terms of fleet vehicles, I want to show companies what we can offer at Budgen. We can tailor a specific quote, and with electric and hybrid vehicles, I can work with customers to help them make savings on tax and fuel.

“We are here to look after our customers, from start to finish, and all the way in between.”

Pictured: Jacquie Richardson, the new Fleet Manager for the Budgen Motor Group, with the company’s Group Sales Director Danny Minshall.